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We have many techniques for properly packing every room in your home!  There are very few things we cannot "pack"...If this is the case, we will discuss options you have for the moving company to adequately protect these things or any other oversized or overweight items in advance.  Every client has different needs.  Communicate your goals with us so we can determine what type of packing service best suits your situation.  We offer whole-home, partial, designated areas only, fragile/delicate belongings packing and budgetary restraint prioritization.



We want to ensure that all of your belongings are packed appropriately for the type of move or storage you are planning and will provide the best quality materials so that you can rest assured, your items remain protected along the way!  While we can't prevent movers/moving companies from improperly handing your belongings, our staff are knowledgeable and skilled in packing methods that will offer the best outcome when handled correctly.  Reputable moving companies will already be operating at or above industry standards, however we will provide you with a "day-of reminders" sheet for your moving crew to help them handle, stack and haul things in a way that offers the best outcome.



If you have collectibles or other items of importance and value to your family on display throughout your home, we do all that we can to maintain this order.  We will arrange things that transition from your old living space into the new one just as we found them!  And if you're looking to change things up, we've got a lot of creativity and experience in organization and proper storage for every room in your home!



We’ll help you determine what to preserve VS. what to purge!  This may be as simple as a garage clean out or whole home pare down of "too much stuff" with little time to do it yourself.  Sometimes this is difficult to do because we all develop emotional attachments to our belongings.  If you need help in this way or have a loved one you are assisting with a hoarding situation, we have teams experienced in mental health/crisis response that are ready to offer patience and compassion and will plan boundaries and expectations in advance.  Hauling off "junk" can be very emotional and stressful for some, so we do our best to accommodate everyone involved.  We understand the feelings of shame or embarrassment that can go hand in hand with this type of situation.  If you or a loved one are in this situation and have concerns, please reach out to us.  We genuinely want to see every client achieve success and feel safe and cared for by our company!



First Response Pack and Purge is connected with many local charitable and nonprofit organizations who accept donations.  Some of the organizations we assist are Mission Arlington/Mission Metroplex, various women/children's shelters throughout DFW, local church entities with outreach programs and some law enforcement and community-based crime-victim advocacy programs.  These organizations and programs accept donations of furniture, clothing for children and adults of all ages/sizes, toys, school supplies & books, housewares/bedding, home safety items and first aid kits, baby formula (new/unused), single packaged snacks, diapers, unused toiletries and more!  We have unfortunately seen other companies in our industry haul away donations from customers, promising to turn them over to charities/non-profits, only to see them sell the items for their own profitable gain.  We guarantee that EVERY item our customers donate will truly be utilized as intended and given freely to these programs in need.



Although cleaning services are not generally something we provide, we do make this available as an add-on to customers who have utilized other services with FRPP.  A deep cleaning is an intensive cleaning process that goes beyond the scope of regular cleaning. It involves a thorough and detailed cleaning of all areas within the home and includes those that are often overlooked. "Make Ready" cleanings can only be performed on vacant properties with access to power and water inside the home.  This service provides a one time, deep clean to prepare the home for new occupants.  Some of the unique extras included with this service add-on are carpet cleaning, high ceiling vents/fixtures and appliance interiors.

Special Pricing

We are proud to give back by offering discounts to others who serve!


  • First Responders: Police/Detention Officers/911 Dispatch/Firefighter/EMT/Other Government.
  • Active and Retired Military & Veterans (Including immediate family members).
  • Teachers & Early Childhood Educators.
  • Crisis Intervention Professionals & Crime Victim Advocates.
  • Limited Mobility and/or limited income moving to or from an Assisted Living or Senior Community.


**Discounts are applied following receipt of documentation that confirms a qualified affiliation or circumstance.